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I'm Drew, the Welcome Wagon.

Hey everyone, my name's Drew Bekius and I'm thrilled to have you here! HumanistCoach.com is designed with your post-faith journey in mind, to see you equipped and empowered for living and laughing in the real world, to become a better humans for the betterment of all humanity. Begin exploring the site by checking out the navigation below. Cheers!

The Humanist You:
Equipped and Empowered for Living and Laughing in the Real World

Man riding a BMX bike is feeling equipped and empowered for the humanist lifestyle.

Equipped and Empowered...

You’re on a journey. And navigating the terrain is not an easy task. You know how rough and tumble this life can be—simply because you’re also a living-but-sometimes-barely-breathing human just like the rest of us. But the one thing you’re guaranteed to have as long as you’re alive is a life to live. Yes, you’ve got a life to live! And you dare not squander it. [Read more...]

A group of humanists living life and laughing as they enjoy it!

Living and Laughing...

This is a serious world we find ourselves in. And it takes a lot to make it work to humanity’s advantage. (Seriously.) The sandstorm of life will sweep you away if you can't learn to laugh a little.Gonna get yourself swallowed up in the sandstorm if you’re not careful. That’s the sandstorm of broken dreams, failed ambitions, and empty promises if you’re not careful. [Read more...]

A group tackles humanity's problems, addressing and strategizing for the real world.

In the Real World.

At HumanistCoach.com we talk a lot about our goal of providing “Support for the Secular Community”— But how does support for the secular community differ from support for any other? It begins with perspective and then extends to the kinds resources that are provided as a result. [Read more...]

Man in glasses, smiles as he discovers the Humanist You.

The Humanist You.

The humanist drive centers on the big-picture betterment of a thriving humanity. It's you making the most of your potential. And it's you then channeling that potential for the good of all humanity, for the forward-thrust of this global community we find ourselves within. All of us together. For the better. Until the job is done. It's a better you, in greater community. [Read more...]

Three Pillars for The Life & Laughter Blog


Remember the Airplane Rule? Gotta get your own life on track before you can most effectively help others. Explore self-improvement here. Time to live your next life now!


Live your best life without all the god stuff. With a focus on issues of non-belief and secular living, explore the post-faith lifestyle here.


What better to strive after than the big-picture betterment of a thriving humanity. Here we explore the humanist heartbeat that pulls the whole site together. A better you for a better world!

Now Where Shall We Begin?

Every week The Life & Laughter Blog serves up articles to help you navigate your life in ways that will leave you more equipped and empowered for living and laughing in the real world. While some posts focus on the post-faith lifestyle, others strive to simply provide you a more fulfilled and successful journey on this planet. All of them help you become a better, more connected human. 

Looking for tools? We got all sorts ‘a tools. We’re talking books. We’re talking PDF downloads. Hell, we’re even talking about memes featuring Bruce Lee. It’s all at the click of a link in the Secular Resource Center. So what on earth are you still staring at this page? 

Sometimes books and blogs and YouTube videos can only go so far. Sometimes you need a little face-time as you sit across the table from a trusted friend. Coffee helps too. Online or in-person, visit our Coaching Portal to get started. 

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