Meet Drew Bekius (That's Me in the Corner)

Once upon a time…

Drew Bekius when he was an evangelical pastor shooting a promo video for the ministry 67pastor.

This is my pastoral self, sitting on the platform where I preached every Sunday, as snapped from a promo video I did for a partnering organization. In this clip I was talking about how important genuine community was. That’s pretty much the number one thing I ever talked about—even way back then.

I was a high school kid in rural Minnesota who had a blistering fire in his belly for transforming and uniting the world. That kid was also super religious and completely into Jesus. So as a result, an arsenal of church-related projects was my method of community change—with straight-up global change doubtlessly soon to follow. Some of my work was kinda cool and even won an award and whatnot. And then eventually, after high school, I moved to The Big City of Chicago where I picked up college and graduate degrees and pastored a couple churches.

For twelve years I served as an evangelical pastor, and—honestly—I loved every moment of it.

Granted, I was the kind of evangelical pastor that was a bit leftward, more concerned with service projects that addressed real and practical needs than with evangelistic campaigns or talking about why we should dress a certain way. 

But then I came to the point where I just didn’t believe the god-stuff anymore. And so I left the ministry. And my life kind of totally flipped completely upside-down for a spell. Like, completely. As in, my life was in total freaking chaos for a good year or two. I write pretty in-depth about this stuff (and a lot more) in one of my books, available here. But then, e v e n t u a l l y, I pulled my shit together using some super chill bootstraps and started moving forward. And I rebuilt my life. This too is in the book mentioned above (along with bunches of other stuff, also mentioned above), still available here

And now Life 2.0 has proven quite a ride.

One of my greatest joys has been discovering, joining, and then eventually serving as president of The Clergy Project, a 501(c)3 providing peer support services, community resourcing, and career development assistance to over 800 religious leaders in 34 countries around the world, those who—like me!—found themselves no longer able to believe in godstuff. Along the way I’ve also participated in a variety of other nonprofit organizations, become an endorsed Humanist celebrant, picked up a life and career coaching certification, trained in the LPI Seven Steps for Clarity and Results,™ and started more than a handful of entrepreneurial projects and businesses.*

But basically, I just love humanity and love being human. And within that sphere, I love things like sanity and adventure and community, and I’m fascinated by the study of human potential and the diversity of individual strengths.

My love of life continues… a good challenge, a mighty comeback, a hearty laugh, irreverent comedy, those brave enough to tell it like it is, those confident enough to put me in my place, a good sumatra roast, a generous pour of Highland Park neat, a great walk along the lakeshore on a breezy summer day, running through the grass in the sunshine with my shoes off, canoing down hidden rivers before getting drenched in the rain, sushi dates with my daughters, a well-marbled ribeye with a mysteriously gorgeous brunette, free-flowing inquiry, bottomless conversation, and the audacity to try solving just one of the world’s problems over bitching about your neighbor.

Oh and I love the idea of partnering with all of you in this amazing thing we call life. To make the most of it together. For one another, and for our entire human existence. 

Let’s kick up some dust and have some fun together.



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