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A humanist coaches a friend at a table over was launched in an effort to provide a wealth of resources for the post-faith journey.

After nearly twenty years as an evangelical Christian minister, Drew Bekius realized in 2012 that he just couldn’t believe the godstuff anymore. But in losing his faith, he also lost his entire framework for dealing with life and reality. And he felt totally… lost.

With his entire life built soundly on theological principles, Drew suddenly felt like he had to rebuild his entire lifestance from scratch. It took the better part of a year for him to begin to feel comfortable with his outlook once again. And it took even longer for him to connect with another nonbeliever. He was literally all alone on his post-faith journey. 

But truth be told, the journey really doesn’t have to be that dramatic or taxing. And when done in community, it can actually be quite enjoyable

Drew is now committed to helping others find their post-faith direction—without having to go it alone! 


Drew launched in October 2016 to help equip the secular community to make much of this life, for the good of each individual and for that of the entire human community as well.

If you’ve ever noticed that personal growth and self-help resources so often feature religious or spiritualized approaches that seem just a tad naive for those of us attempting to live in the real world, then this site is for you. It seeks to be a shot of motivation for your arm. A kick of sass for your ass.

The goal here is simple, to see you equipped and empowered for living and laughing in the real world.

Our hope is that you’ll find plenty to be motivated and inspired by and to help you self-help yourself. But without any Secret Law of Attraction nonsense or mazelike endeavors to tap into an unobservable and divine wonder. So in summary, no bullshit pixie dust or whoo-hoo voodou on this website. We just want to see you freed from all the rubble that holds you back so that you can rise up and kick some ass.

Both for yourself and for your fellow humanity.

Click on the images below to learn more about what drives in terms of pretty much everything that’s done here. 

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