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A big part of living a better life is living a more enjoyable one. Here you’ll find a fun yet practical mix of content aimed to enhance your life’s quality of success and joy, including various product and service referrals.

After contemplating the benefits of pain, a man steps out into his life as a better human.

Does Pain Make Us Better Humans? I’ve read about the benefits of pain before. Though this was mostly back in my former life. Back when I embraced the messed-up theological idea that God intentionally infuses bad things into our lives in order to humble us for our own good, so that we can see how his ways are better and higher than our ways. The point of pain, so we believed, was for God to break down our arrogance and independence. It also helped us “enter into the sufferings of Christ,” more fully molding us into the image of Christ. Per our destiny. I’ll be honest. Since my deconversion, I’ve not found it easy to embrace the idea that pain […]

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A cartoonish looking yellow character stands on the beach with a large smile, thinking encouraging thoughts.

Good thinks and encouraging thoughts. We all need them. A little boost to get us through the day. A happy image to motivate our drive to the finish line. Maybe it’s a moment of thankfulness, a meditative afternoon on the lakeshore, or hell, even the cat picture you keep taped inside your dashboard. The current of life flows a little easier when we take time to remind ourselves of why we’re working so hard and of what it’s all for. Of what makes it all worth it. Let’s be honest. This can be one hell of a rough world we find ourselves in. Now I don’t know about you, but if you find yourself like all the other humans out […]

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A father speaks with his son because as a humanist parent it's important that you are talking with your kids about sex.

Of all the burdens of parenthood, talking to your kids about sex can be one of the most terrifying. Even for humanists, just thinking about having The Talk with our kids can send tremors of paralysis through every nervous corner of our bodies. Whether we fear not having the right info, explaining it incorrectly, or simply appearing as awkward as our own parents were when they had The Talk with us, the fear is real. But it doesn’t have to be. Talking with your kids about sex doesn’t have to be scary at all. And your willingness to do so will better equip them for safe, healthy, satisfying sex lives. It might feel weird to say it, but this is […]

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The humanist compass directs everything we do here at

“Ambition is a healthy part of life if set in the service of worthy goals.” —Greg Epstein,  Good Without God Our Humanist Compass and The Point of Some may want to know what is all about. Others may simply be curious about humanism itself. So what is humanism? What is humanist coaching? And what, then, should we expect from this website?  Regardless of who’s asking, these are great questions, and they’re the focus of a new set of cornerstone pages here on As you’ll see when you scroll dow and click on the links, a lot of this simply boils down to building a better self for a better world. It’s about selecting “worthy goals,“ as humanist chaplain Greg Epstein […]

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Cars speeding at the intersection where the secular community meets the best of today's coaching resources.

It’s. Finally. Here. And by “it,” I mean THE SALVATION OF THE WORLD!!! [Okay, we both know that “salvation of the world” bit was a tad overdramatic. Let’s walk that back and try again.] By “it,” I mean a very practical/helpful/hopeful set of improvements to what has thus far been known as The Drew Bekius Blog. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve remained blown away by how helpful the questioning-and-doubting community has apparently found this blog over the years. The majority might not feel comfortable commenting in public or sharing on Facebook, but I see the private messages you send me. And the daily flow of unsolicited traffic stands testimony to this. But I’ll be honest, I’ve been wanting to do so […]

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A cartoon image, challenging the idea that there aren't any atheists in foxholes.

— Welcome to the Archive — Yes, it’s true that I almost died. It’s no joke that I was within hours of death, but for the grace of modern medicine and some good godlessly common sense. I was an ever so controversial atheist in the foxhole. SPOILER: I lived to talk (and write) about it. Which is what I did with this August 17, 2015 post on the experience. This post also transformed its way into the epilogue of my 2017 book, chronicling my journey from confidently believing evangelical pastor to humanist leader and coach. Enjoy!  Facing Death: Still an Atheist in the Foxhole So this is the post where I talk about my recent hospital stay, about brushing up against death, […]

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