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The plight of the former believer finds a large and welcoming spot here. We put a regular focus on making a home for you.

A compass points toward the aims and ambitions of humanism at

“Ambition is a healthy part of life if set in the service of worthy goals.” —Greg Epstein,  Good Without God <h3 style=”text-align: left;”><em>What’s the point of</em></h3><h5>It’s a good question. Some may want to know what is all about. Others may simply be curious about <em>humanism</em> itself. <i>So what is humanism? What is humanist coaching? […]

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Blurred lights portray the feeling of being numb inside.

That Post-Faith Kind of Numb. Feeling numb inside? If so, you’re not the only one. Someone reached out to me a couple days ago to ask for some help as they navigate the Numbness leg of their post-faith journey. Now, today I felt I could use a break from the post I’ve been working on about […]

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Cars speeding at the intersection where the secular community meets the best of today's coaching resources.

It’s. Finally. Here. And by “it,” I mean THE SALVATION OF THE WORLD!!! [Okay, we both know that “salvation of the world” bit was a tad overdramatic. Let’s walk that back and try again.] By “it,” I mean a very practical/helpful/hopeful set of improvements to what has thus far been known as The Drew Bekius Blog. […]

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