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The plight of the former believer finds a large and welcoming spot here. We put a regular focus on making a home for you.

A cartoon image, challenging the idea that there aren't any atheists in foxholes.

— Welcome to the Archive — Yes, it’s true that I almost died. It’s no joke that I was within hours of death, but for the grace of modern medicine and some good godlessly common sense. I was an ever so controversial atheist in the foxhole. SPOILER: I lived to talk (and write) about it. Which is what I did with this August 17, 2015 post on the experience. This post also transformed its way into the epilogue of my 2017 book, chronicling my journey from confidently believing evangelical pastor to humanist leader and coach. Enjoy!  Facing Death: Still an Atheist in the Foxhole So this is the post where I talk about my recent hospital stay, about brushing up against death, […]

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Rear view of class raising hands, discussing atheism in America.

— Welcome to the Archive — After gaining traction in a Reddit thread on atheist parenting, this March 22, 2015 post quickly became my most popular post on with several thousand shares. Of course when I merged my old blog with, my transfer broke the link. Oh well. The post remains. Come celebrate atheism in America with me. Enjoy!  The Day My Daughter’s Class Discussed Atheism in America I’m thankful this week that atheism in America is becoming less taboo and beginning to sound a little less scary. And I’m also thankful this week for a particular sixth grade teacher who was willing to speak honestly and openly about it.* It was just a few days ago—so I’m told—during a new social studies […]

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An image of the Bible Drew Bekius preached from every Sunday before waking up to the truth of reality.

— Welcome to the Archive — Originally published November 7, 2014 as a guest post on, it was then reposted here November 10. Teresa MacBain was my predecessor as Communications Director at The Clergy Project and had asked me to write about my deconversion for her personal blog, about how I had awoken from comfortable slumber to embrace the truth of reality. This was, of course, before Teresa would later return to the Christian faith, repurpose her blog, and remove my article from it haha! But have no fear, here my story of waking up remains. And it always will. To read more about my deconverison from confidently believing evangelical pastor to humanist writer and coach, go here and here. Enjoy!  Waking […]

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An image of Chicago's Holy Name Cathedral, representing how grieving God is never easy, but there is hope on the other side.

— Welcome to the Archive — Well here it is. This October 29, 2014 post marks the first time I had ever written publicly about my deconversion experience, moving from a confidently believing evangelical pastor to a tangled mess of an atheist. It’s a story of grieving God, but as you may already know, grief can sometimes form a gateway to much greater things. You can read more on my deconversion with this post, published just a couple weeks later, and with my 2017 book, chronicling my journey all the way to joyful humanist and coach.  Grieving God: A Hard Story That Ends Well  Grief: n. Deep mental anguish, as that arising from bereavement.  I’ve always been an all or nothing kind of guy.  I learned in […]

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