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Looking for a little extra help? Realizing it’s time to finally get serious? Certified life & career coach, endorsed Humanist celebrant, and life transitions strategist Drew Bekius is here to partner with you for the long haul in his signature one-on-one intensives. With over twenty years experience working with clients and community members, tackling everything from career & finances to relationships & community to a wide range of post-faith concerns—even insurance (yes, he’s also licensed in life and health insurance!*), Drew brings an approachable yet no-nonsense dynamic to his work. Common focuses are featured below, and all sessions are unrestricted. Whatever your area of interest, setting up a STRATEGY SESSION is your first step. 

Common Themes for Coaching

Coaching Emphases

Life Transition & Goal Setting

Man stares at a guidebook and map on a cliff, looking for direction in how to get where he needs to go with his life.

Life kicking your ass? Working to get it all back on track? ​

  • Set and accomplish goals using the LPI Seven Steps for Clarity and Results.™

  • Unpack the details of your transition into concrete steps.

  • Overcome blocks that stand in your way.

  • Systematically test out and follow through. 

  • Establish lifelong patterns for skill mastery.

Post-Faith Lifestyle Navigation

Stuck and struggling to redefine life beyond your former religion? 

  • Discover the freedom of living beyond a groundless list of Dos and Don’ts.

  • Gain confidence that empowers to live beyond supernatural fears and taboos.

  • Learn to navigate relationships, from religious loved ones to new relationships.

  • Discover the joy of secular community and opportunities to “give back” to the world around you.

  • Learn to be a better person even as you are a more satisfied one.

Confidence Coaching

Fears getting the best of you? Melting under pressure? And with all eyes on you?

  • Directed introspection to root out Confidence-Killers.

  • Fieldwork exercises that will teach you step by step to overcome your fears.

  • Personalized challenges to revolutionize both personal and professional interactions and relationships.

  • Confidence in public speaking and board meeting presentations.

  • Speak your mind in challenging situations.

  • Guidance that goes beyond words, including body image and personal branding.

That First Step...

Everything in life begins with a simple first step. Granted, not all first steps are simple, but thankfully in this case it is. One-on-one coaching begins booking your Strategy Session with Drew. And the first step to that first step is to click on the green button below and fill out the Strategy Session Request Form! 

* Due to industry regulations, insurance consultations must be scheduled separately. Current licenses are held in Minnesota only. 

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