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the_west_wingI am rejoicing right now in a grand appreciation for logic and wit. And it all began as I stumbled upon a video placed on my Facebook newsfeed. Given my fond affection for The West Wing and the good reputation my friend has for sharing great content, I pushed play and sat with eager anticipation.

By the end of the clip, I had been carried back to the first time I had seen it. And suddenly reminded of how the scene had left me overcome with goosebumps, an eruption of thunderous applause in my soul. Seriously, I think I literally stood up in my living room and clapped at the screen. Way to go, President Bartlett! That’s why I voted for you!

And that’s exactly what I did all over again as I revisited the scene from my laptop this week.

Maybe you’ve seen this episode before or maybe not, but I share it with you generously. There is too little wit and brilliance in our new world of Vines and Xbox, and we have to share the wealth of treasure when we find it. May your own soul erupt with delight as you prepare to press play…

Unfortunately, not everyone on this great earth is able to appreciate such an effortless flow of logic and wit as this. And though this President is fictional and his interaction with Jenna Jacobs scripted, we all realize the reality of the conversation is not. People out there, and a good many evangelical Christians, actually participate in the same cherry-picking of Bible verses. But it’s fantastic to see the loopholes in such failed logic put to the test. It can be quite riveting, actually.

But such forceful logic does push buttons. And all it takes is a gentle scroll past the above YouTube video down to the comments section to see the particular breed of defensive and irrational anger unleashed by such logic.

One gentleman in particular, a lovely little troll who goes by the name Rewind, has a problem with homosexuality and was, of course, making it his pleasure to do things typically done by trolls, such as attacking all the other participants and telling them how awful they all are. Not only are gay sex and anal sex disgusting evils, but also oral sex and anything outside the most functional of missionary positions. He explained that his views have nothing to do with religious texts, but that they are merely informed by his own bigoted preconceptions.

Oh, and he had this thing for repeatedly calling everyone else “nasty pervs”

But that’s when a hero stepped in, a gladiator arising among the line of Bartlett. His name is Audiodump, and, no, I have no idea where they come up with these names of theirs. But here’s his response. Once again funneling an effortless flow of brilliance and logic. And once again I set it before you. Chocolate bars to feed your cognitive indulgence.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 11.53.14 PM

Sitting at home, processing oxygen and staring at a blank wall, as nature intended. God, I love that line.

Now, we could go on from here to talk about how wonderful it is that life is more than just the outworkings of functional mechanisms or instinct or whatever, that there is so much in this world to enjoy and love and marvel at. We could also talk about how religion tends to stifle such indulgences. And how freedom from religion paves the way to unencumbered living.

We could talk about all those things. But instead I think we’ll leave it at this. And simply smile at the beauty of brilliance and logic, at the wit of a fake President Bartlett and his real life counterpart Audiodump.