The Humanist You:
Equipped and Empowered for Living and Laughing in the Real World

Path through the woods symbolizing the journey of life.

You’re on a journey. And navigating the terrain is not an easy task.

You know how rough and tumble this life can be—simply because you’re also a living-but-sometimes-barely-breathing human just like the rest of us. But the one thing you’re guaranteed to have as long as you’re alive is a life to live. Yes, you’ve got a life to live! And you dare not squander it.

Now, honestly, sometimes we feel like we need to feel guilty about our desire to make the most of life. But why feel guilty? Life is precious. And it’s only wise to maximize it as best we can. 

So of course you want to make the most of it! 

(You’re not stupid.) 

And because you’re not stupid, you’re doing something about it. You’re rising up to make the proverbial *most* of your life. And you understand that a well-lived life connects with others. You understand that it extends to make a difference in the world around it. 

But you also realize that your impact is directly related to your own stability and health. 

The Airplane Rule says you can only better the lives of others to the degree that you're own life is healthy, emotionally stable, and well resourced.

Consider the Airplane Rule. 

You know, the rule that says you need to put on your own oxygen mask before rushing to help others with theirs. Because those that forget about their own masks pass out in the aisle while rushing somewhere between rows 17 and 21. Your ability to help others better their lives is directly related to the degree that your own life is healthy and emotionally stable and well-resourced. The Airplane Rule. 

In other words, you can’t do a very good job helping others get their shit cleaned up if you’re leaving filthy footprints all over the floor everywhere you go. 

I suppose we could also call this: 
The Wash Your Feet Before You Mop Someone Else’s Floor Rule

Dirty footprints on a clean floor.

And maybe that’s why you’re here. To help get your own shit together. 

Anyone on a great journey knows the value of a guide. And this life—this, our only life—is certainly the most fundamental if not even the most death-defying of all journeys. So it makes sense to surround yourself with guides—with a whole community of guides. It makes sense to surround yourself with their resources so you might draw upon their strength. is here to help see you equipped and empowered for making the most of this life. 

Drew Bekius growling at a camera while probably losing his mind.

Scroll down to find just a sampling of the tools and resources we’ve made available for you.

No one can live your life for you but you! No one is a greater expert on this adventure you’re living than you are! But we’re here. I’m here. And I want to see you succeed. 

Three cheers to you succeeding!!!

Tools for Equipping + Empowering Yo'self

Looking for tools? We got all sorts ‘a tools. We’re talking books. We’re talking PDF downloads. Hell, we’re even talking about memes featuring Bruce Lee. It’s all at the click of a link in the Secular Resource Center. So what on earth are you still staring at this page? 

In the Bookstore we have books. Books for you. Books to help you with the following kinds of areas: 

  • Money & Finances 
  • Career Changes & Self Employment
  • Achieving Ambitious Goals
  • Finding and Maintaining Sanity
  • Family Relationships
  • Romantic & Sexual Relationships
  • Parenting Relationships
  • Other Kinds of Relationships
  • Introductions to Humanism
  • Introductions to Secularism
  • Activism & Global Change
  • Altruism & Bettering Humanity
  • Coming Out as a Non-Believer
  • Engaging in Community 

Sometimes books and blogs and YouTube videos can only go so far. Sometimes you need a little face-time as you sit across the table from a trusted friend. Coffee helps too. Online or in-person, visit our Coaching Portal to get started. 

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