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What Goes Into a Transition?

And how do I figure out what life is supposed to look like on the other side?

Transitioning from where and to what? Well, I guess that is the question…

What does it mean when the mythic hero of your youth vanishes or disappears? How long does one wait for his return? When carrying on, to where does one then carry on to?

What does it mean to have built a career out of something you no longer believe in? To start over from scratch and pinpoint a new something to do?

How do you know it when you see it? And in which direction ought you look while you try to figure out what exactly it is you’re looking for?

And if one decides they might like to write, how does one decide what to write when one does then make that decision to write? When words and themes compete for attention, which ones prevail on this new page?

When writing—or blogging—or posting—or whatever the hell, does one write on a little bit of everything of remote interest? Or do they select Their Theme and stick with it? Matters of faith and atheism… religion… politics… separation of church and state… matters of liberty… lessons learned from reading up on our Founding Fathers… psychology… personality types… culture… city-life… public-life… the art of public speaking… the nature of leadership… or parenting… or family… identity issues… relationship issues… dating adventures… childhood memories… scares… fears… hopes… dreams…

Does one write on a little bit of everything or on nothing at all? Maybe such a one throws away the pen and runs for elective office? Maybe such a one needs to delete this blog first… Maybe while deleting the blog, we should pause to pour another scotch…

And what does it look like to live divorced from the one you’ve loved above all else?

What does it look like to somehow in some sense keep your children though they might move hundreds of miles to a mid-western wonderland of walleye and ice?

What does it look like to feel?

And what does it feel like when it all looks right?

What is it to find meaning in a world of chaos and survival?

to hope…

to love…

to be…

to be strong

What is it to live?

And what is it to live your life when all you have is words?