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Yes, my daughters were never in Girl Scouts, so this is my one chance to guilt trip people into buying stuff from my kids. And honestly, this will taste just as good and last even longer than than those cookies we love so damn much. Also at half the price.

Go ahead and scroll directly to the bottom for the link. Or you can listen to the backstory first…

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 6.52.00 PMSo this short little e-book is written by my eleven-year-old. Jocelyn’s the youngest of the two. Where my thirteen-year-old just wants to be a badass and rule the world, Jocelyn is sweet and compassionate and genuinely wants the best for everyone around her. With her inspirational Instagram posts, she’s almost on track to becoming a junior life coach haha…

So the idea that eventually produced Painting with Fruit Bowls: Five Stories of Random People first appeared somewhere around a month ago. Jocelyn decided it sounded fun to challenge herself. She wanted to see if she could write and publish her first e-book. So she asked me if I could help point her in the right direction to make sure she did everything correctly. She also wanted me to play the role of editor. But she made it clear that she wanted to do all the real work herself. This was to be entirely her project from both a creative and technical perspective, even including all the front and back matter, such as the page of photo credits. She wanted to learn and do it herself.

And that’s exactly what the project became. She wrote five short stories about five different characters. She searched for all the artwork herself using the appropriate Creative Commons licenses. She designed the cover art. Everything. And then she decided to dedicate the book to her aunt Susie who’s currently facing some real tough days in her war with cancer.

I suppose when you read it you’ll be able to tell it wasn’t written by an adult. It’s clear that she’s a child author. But for me the most exciting part of it was that she set a challenge for herself and then saw it through to fruition. What started as a creative idea to make a little money turned into an exciting project that will stay with her for the rest of her life. Pretty cool, I think. This daddy is proud.

FullSizeRenderSo anyway, check it out, and see what you think. She wants to make some money, so here’s your opportunity to inspire her entrepreneurial spirit. She has to wait another year to start babysitting. But I know Jocelyn would love to hear your feedback, and so would I. Though Painting with Fruit Bowls is currently only available in electronic format, a therapist in Maryland has already asked for a copy of it for her lobby’s waiting room should she decide to produce a hardcopy.

Again, pretty cool. 

And so anyway, here it is. The link we’ve all been waiting for for at least the last three minutes…