“Ambition is a healthy part of life
if set in the service of worthy goals.”

—Greg Epstein,  Good Without God

Our Humanist Compass and The Point of HumanistCoach.com

Some may want to know what HumanistCoach.com is all about. Others may simply be curious about humanism itself. So what is humanism? What is humanist coaching? And what, then, should we expect from this website?  Regardless of who’s asking, these are great questions, and they’re the focus of a new set of cornerstone pages here on HumanistCoach.com. 

As you’ll see when you scroll dow and click on the links, a lot of this simply boils down to building a better self for a better world. It’s about selecting “worthy goals, as humanist chaplain Greg Epstein discusses in his book Good Without God: What a Billion Nonreligious People Do Believe. And it’s about providing the secular community with a compass of sorts, with tools and resources to help you navigate your journey free of all the godstuff.

To put it simply, HumanistCoach.com was established to reach Four Ambitions. Together these Four Ambitions construct our Humanist Compass. Providing this Compass is what motivates everything done at HumanistCoach.com.

The Humanist You: 
Equipped and Empowered for Living and Laughing in the Real World. 

To delve deeper into each of the Four Ambitions, click on each of the buttons below to link to the cornerstone pages. 
Curious for a quick read on what exactly humanism is? Feel free to skip to Page 4: "The Humanist You" where you'll find an intro the Six Humanist Aspirations, as suggested by the American Humanist Association.  

My Commitment to You!

I still remember back in the early days of my deconversion. When I had been a pastor, I had felt so safe and secure and SURE (!) of exactly what I believed about pretty much everything. And then almost overnight, it had all changed.

Once I realized I no longer believed in God, I felt like my entire framework had been sucked out the window. I suddenly felt I had no idea how to view and process life and reality. I needed help. But I didn’t know where to look. 

As a result I spent a year and a half trying to reconstruct my worldview from scratch. It took most of that time for me to even read a single book written by another nonbeliever. That’s how deeply imbedded I had been in my faith.

I had no idea where to look.

I was all alone. 

If you’re already familiar with my story, then you know I eventually navigated my way through to the other side. It took some time, but I made it. 

And now, my goal is to extend a helping hand to others making this same journey and others like it. 

That’s why this HumanistCoach.com exists.

To provide the Secular Community with the best tools and resources available to help us make the most of our post-faith lives, individually and for all humanity. It’s true that HumanistCoach.com is just getting started, but I look forward to being able to help in increasing ways in the weeks, months, and years ahead. Please feel free to reach out and say hello or use the Q&A portal to submit questions you’d like addressed in the blog. 

It’s great to have you here as we share this journey together!