The Humanist You:
Equipped and Empowered for Living and Laughing in the Real World

This is a serious world we find ourselves in. And it takes a lot to make it work to humanity’s advantage. 


The sandstorm of life will sweep you away if you can't learn to laugh a little.

Gonna get yourself swallowed up in the sandstorm if you’re not careful. That’s the sandstorm of broken dreams, failed ambitions, and empty promises if you’re not careful. Not to mention, a hurricane of flat-out despair, isolation, poverty, joblessness, homelessness, and actual community banishment. Just to name a few. 

Work drama.
Family drama. 
Neighborhood and schoolhouse drama. 
Even political and international affairs drama. 
Then we have the audacity to still get drawn into tabloid celebrity drama. 
Thus: The Sandstorm.

So much so, you’ll go crazy if you’re not careful. 

Such a seriously insane world will drive you crazy if you don’t have an outlet. Our sanity requires we find a way to back up, take in the bigger picture, and discover life’s bright spots, in order to help balance our brains and hearts. To keep us from getting bogged down in the moment and to help us discover and embrace life’s more enjoyable elements within circumstances that might otherwise be less than ideal. 

A group of friends showing us how we all have to laugh a little and enjoy life. Here enters Laughter. 

Laughter and joy and celebration, these are the healing balms of life that keep us sane. The therapeutic results of a wide-open-even-if-only-momentary smile :) . And the echo chamber of smiles shared in relationship and community. 

Some laughter is induced by heartwarming videos of stumbling puppies, some by watching the development of a brand new inside-joke with a close friend, some by paying a comic to wow you with some truly irreverent and uncomfortably hilarious social truths, and yet some more by simply laying in bed contemplating the irony of twenty-first-century life on earth.  

But it’s all real. And it all helps us make contact with a part of our humanity that otherwise gets swallowed up in The Sandstorm. 

Part of my goal—and my promise to you—for intersects with my goal and promise for everything I do…

And that’s to infuse as much LAUGHTER and IRREVERENCE and STRAIGHT-UP QUIRKY SHIT as possible within the fabric of this site. We strive for FUN and CELEBRATION and discovering BEAUTY in the brokenness of this earthen existence.

Some of it won’t quite be your style. And that’s OK. Hopefully the rest of it will be. But just know it’s all here for one [set of] reason[s]. 

To help you smile.

To help you laugh.

To bring you joy and hope and inspiration

To help you uncover little delights we might otherwise miss on our own.

To help your tap all the more fully into your humanity 

That you might be in a stronger, healthier, more joyful and care-free place to help others experience the same


So welcome to Let’s live and laugh together!

Oh, and while we’re at it, I’ve got a little smile-inducing video below! [Scroll down & turn on the volume!]

Cheers, Saluti, Prost, y Kan-Pie! 

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