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The SECULAR Makes All the Difference. 

At we talk a lot about our goal of providing “Support for the Secular Community”— But how does support for the secular community differ from support for any other?  

A small group of secular people gather for conversation and to support one another.

It begins with embracing a non-theistic perspective and then extends to the kinds resources that are provided as a result. 

For instance, back 15 years ago when I was doing this stuff as a Christian pastor, the methods I used and resources I offered all flowed out of an evangelical understanding of an authoritative Bible. That religious text was seen as the treasure chest holding the divinely inspired answers to all of life. And so that book proved to be the foundation that all my teaching and serviced were built upon. Everything from my methodology and approach with community members to the goals we worked toward. It was all inherently biblical. 

Most personal growth books are filled with one theology or another. 

You’ll come across a lot of similar coaching materials and motivational resources, to be sure. Even stuff that doesn’t officially carry religious labels will often times carry conservative Christian messaging. 

Step beyond this and you’ll find a whole slew of other books on self-help shelves that’s of an entirely other theistic variety.

Sometimes it seems the self-improvement genre is flooded with so much groundless, feel-good, whoo-hoo fluff and unverifiable pseudoscience that reason-first folks quickly dismiss anything related to self-improvement as nothing more than a hotbed for predators, tricksters, and shams. 

So let’s be clear. Neurolinguistic Programming (of Tony Robbins fame), the Law of Attraction (from mega-hit The Secret), and the like are scams. #TotalBullshit 

But that doesn’t mean wanting to improve your life is bullshit. And it doesn’t mean everyone offering to help you is a scammer. 

Sometimes it can feel that way, that everyone’s just trying to scam you—especially if you’ve spent a chapter of your life surrounded by scammers and conmen. But, yes, there are those out there who genuinely just want to make the most of life and help others do the same.

That’s what this is. 

With a secular focus, grounded in the real world. 

A sign labeled Let’s define Secular ~ 
“denoting attitudes, activities, and other things that have no religious, spiritual, or theistic basis.” 

Keep in mind this definition depends on how you define religion and spirituality, since these words themselves have increasingly taken on secular applications. But the idea embodied by anything secular is that it is devoid of (or at least not driven by) belief in the existence of gods and other supernatural things. 

Piecing This All Together. 

You’re here for secular support. Not Christian support. Not whoo-hoo voodou support. Coaching resources often focus on supernatural or spiritual preferences, comforts, and hunches rather than on hard observations of the world around us. 

But here our goal isn’t to help you feel warm and fuzzy in your belief system. Rather it’s to help you deal truly and honestly with the world as it actually is. You won’t find anything here telling you that if you simply close your eyes and wish hard enough, all the world’s riches will gravitate to your bank account. And no prayer is going to fix all the problems in your marriage. 

Nope, in the real world, life is hard. Fixes are rarely easy nor quick. But if you’re honest with yourself and with the world around you, and if you’re willing to put in the work, life can be transformative—both for yourself and for those around you. 

And that’s what we’re all about here at
Helping you improve yourself so you can help improve the world around you. 

No bullshit.
No whoo-whoo voodou.
Just good, strong resources for living and laughing In the Real World

Welcome to your next chapter!

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