Looking for Some Good Secular Community?

Looking to meet with actual nonbelievers? To stand in the same room with them, shake their hands, and share a beer? Well, this is a great starting place. Most of the groups below are national or global organizations with local gatherings. Follow links to find a group near you. 

Find local “member societies” in 12 states plus the District of Columbia.  

With over 230 local chapters across the United States, you are invited to start one if there’s not already a group nearby. The Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago that Drew attends is an official AHA chapter! 

With over 1,000 local congregations, UU churches are one of the more recognizable denominations. What you might not realize is that UU’s completely open theology means that many local congregations not only embrace nonbelievers but are even led by them. But keep in mind, this kind of openness is not always present, as local congregations vary widely in mindset. But find a good one and it can be a great experience! 

Started by a former pastor, Oasis is growing rapidly across North America. Definitely worth seeing if there’s one near you! 

Sunday Assembly is church designed to take God out of the picture. Whether you believe in a god or not is irrelevant here. What matters is people in community making a difference in the world around them. 

Recovering from Religion offers local support groups for the most therapeutic kind of community. Website links you to their Meetup.com page for details. 

The Freedom From Religion Foundation offers 20 local chapters in 18 states for community rooted in local activism promoting separation of church and state. 

If you’ve not quite yet found what you’re looking for—or there’s just not anything in your area—try one of the hundreds of independent gatherings of nonbelievers who aren’t connected to a large national brand. Pick your ZIP code and search keywords of your choice to find just the right group! 

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