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Last week I plugged into my laptop and joined Scott Smith and Emily Karp on the Recovering from Religion podcast for an episode dedicated to ministers who no longer believe, which aired yesterday, May 14.

There’s a lot of valuable information packed into RfR’s podcast segments, including listener stories and upcoming events in the secular community. Of the nearly 1 hour, 45 minute program, my interview takes place from the 9:00 to 1:25:00 marks, and conversation centers on my own deconversion story and our work at The Clergy Project, as well as on my new book The Rise and Fall of Faith: A God-to-Godless Story for Christians and Atheists.

Make sure to stick around for the powerful listener stories of two former Christian ministers who are now atheists, Joshua Richards (1:25:00 – 1:31:15) and Clergy Project participant Allen Coffey (1:32:50 – 1:40:25).


If instead of a podcast player above, you see a couple lines of coded gobbledygook, just click on the gobbledygook and the player will open on another tab.

Correction: At the 1:10:30 mark, I speak of a former nun who once worked with Mother Teresa and her book An Unquenchable Thirst: A Memoir. I mistakenly identify her as Mary Joyce, another TCP participant who has also publicly shared her story. Mary Johnson is who I had intended to name, however, and I apologize for any confusion caused by my error.