This post actually comes from my Next Level Blog over at But I thought I'd share it here because I kinda think you all might enjoy it as well. Those of us in the post-faith crowd—and especially the post-religious-leadership crowd that many of us have found ourselves in—know all too well what it means to have to "resurrect" our lives to something beyond what they used to be. My hope is that this may inspire and encourage you to keep on pushing and pulling...


No, this isn’t one of those religious posts. No mythology here.

The stuff of legends are built on lives lived extraordinarily well. And we’re talking here about the kind of resurrection that speaks of people coming back from despair and failure and tragedy to reclaim lives lived well.

We’re talking about reinvigorated careers. We’re talking about rejustified confidence. We’re talking about a renewed sense of joy and wonder and a kickass excitement for living today. 

We’re also kind of talking about Netflix and about the professionally fictionalized wrestling of the WWE. 

Basically, I just watched a new documentary on Netflix. It’s called The Resurrection of Jake the Snake, and yes it’s about the comeback story of that infamous grappler Aurelian Smith Jr, the one with the stage name Jake “The Snake” Roberts. I love how the quotes around Snake make it look like the rest of his stage name is actually his real name. Such a clever little sneaky snake, that Aurelian is. 

jake-the-snake-roberts-wwe-hall-of-fame-2014Now for all of you who’s eyes are halfway glazed over due to a hearty disinterest in World Wrestling Entertainment, just hold on a second. This isn’t just for wrestling fans. It’s for you as well. And I’d even venture to guess that even those who wouldn’t even consider sitting through a pro-wrestling event would actually really enjoy this documentary.

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I really do think you'll enjoy and—even benefit from—the rest of this post. Check it out and share your thoughts below!