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Update: The book is now out! You can pick it up here.

Just sending out a quick word this afternoon. In case you haven’t yet heard, The Rise and Fall of Faith: A God-to-Godless Story for Christians and Atheists is soon to be on its way!

We’ve received a first shipment from the printer and from what I understand Amazon will soon be releasing your preorders. If you don’t want to have to wait until July 1, the official release date when you’ll be able to find it at your local bookstore, Amazon will get you fixed up real good—and with a 33% preorder discount! 

Above all else, this book seeks to foster greater conversation between those of faith and those without, featuring discussion questions at the end of each chapter, along with other conversation tips and resources. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure you don’t just read and keep it to yourself. Instead, you’ll want to use it as a resource to creating greater dialogue with those you care most about.

Atheists will want to pick up copies for their believing friends and family. Evangelicals will want to pick up a copy for pointed conversation with the nonbelievers in their lives.

Now, I certainly might be a little biased, but others aren’t.

Gretta Vosper, minister of West Hill United Church in Toronto has called it

“an extraordinary offering… a cinematic drama… an alternative to rancor and a path toward understanding…”

Others including Dale McGowan, Dan Barker, Bart Campolo, and Darrel Ray have thrown their support behind the book as well. See what they and others have said by clicking here.

Reserve copies for you and your loved ones today on Amazon. 

Looking forward to some great conversations ahead…