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Creator of and author of The Rise and Fall of Faith, Drew Bekius is currently booking speaking requests for the 2018-19 calendar. If you’d like to have him come out to speak at your community meet-up or corporate gathering, please use the form below to submit your request.

Talks and Topics Include:

  • A Story to Live By: Creating Next Chapters to Recapture Your Life’s Message
  • Fear No More: Building Your Confidence in Life and Leadership
  • Embracing the Real You: Discovering Your Personal Strengths-Mix
  • Post-Faith Lifestyle Navigation: Discovering a New Way to Live Once the Shackles are Gone!
  • Keeping the Conversation: How to Discuss Religion in an Era of Hostility
  • Drew’s Personal Story: Evangelical Pastor to Atheist Bridge-builder
  • When Preachers Fail to Believe: The Work of The Clergy Project
  • Religion Without Gods: Is This Our Best Hope for the Future?

To request Drew for your next event, please submit the following:

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