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Whether you’re simply looking for practical ideas on positive life change or you’re wanting to study up on the academics behind the secular movement, we’ve got covered here in our humanist bookstore. 

History books? Got ’em! Atheism books? Those too! Books about relationships and community? You betcha! What about a simple shot-in-the-arm of motivation to make the most of life? You’d better *believe* it! The humanist ambition intersects with all of life. And therefore so do the subjects found in this bookstore. If there’s an issue you’re facing, our goal is to have a resource you can turn to.  

Take your time to browse around the shop. To purchase or to simply take a closer look, just click on any selection to pull up its Amazon page. Keep in mind that all purchases via link help support this website’s work in the secular community. 

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The Secular Humanist Bookshelf

Welcome to secular humanism. And welcome to the humanist mindset and lifestyle. Begin with Epstein’s Good Without God and Zuckerman’s Living the Secular Life for a great introduction, and work your way from there! 

The Altruistic Heart Bookshelf

A big part of the humanist lifestyle is looking for ways to give back. Here’re some ideas to help you on the journey. 

The Get Your Shit Together Bookshelf

Find motivation to accomplish all your most humanist of goals. Most of these books aren’t humanist per se. But they are gods-free. And they are motivational. You bring your secular humanist lifestance to the table, and these books will help you do more with it. #GoalGame #CrushinIt 

The Trying Not to Starve Bookshelf

Whether it’s discovering a new career or building independent income streams, we all gotta find a way to pay them bills. Here’re some titles to help you navigate career and money stuff. 

The Sexy Times & Beyond Bookshelf

What starts with sex leads to… Maybe just more sex. Or maybe a longterm partnership. Or even something more. REAL TALK: Though we have two marriage resources here, the majority of these titles are focused on helping you deprogram all the sex rules you were taught in Sunday School. In a reality beyond divine dictations, there is freedom to explore the possibilities. 

The Parenting is Hard Bookshelf

Hard doesn’t have to mean impossible. Here’re some resources to help you raise amazing children and stay sane in the process. 

The Coming Out a Nonbeliever Bookshelf

Let’s be honest. Coming out can be terrifying, in part because it can be so god-damned risky. Greta Christina’s Coming Out Atheist is the absolute essential volume for planning future steps with separate chapters dedicated to specific circumstances. Additional titles provide further insights for navigating important relationships. 

The Atheism's Greatest Hits Bookshelf

Within a span of just four years, the face of atheism was long transformed with the release of books by each of the soon-to-be-dubbed Four Horsemen of Atheism, namely Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, Richard Dawkins, and Christopher Hitchens. But before them, there was the late, great Bertrand Russell. And then came a former preacher named Dan Barker. 

The Religious Stuff 101 Bookshelf

A quick tour of the world’s religious systems—with and without the godstuff—and where we’re going from here. 

The YAY SCIENCE! Bookshelf

Selections on science and the scientific way of thinking, on evolution and origins, as well as on our hope for the future. *** If you’re looking for an easy-to-read yet detailed primer explaining evolution to Creationists, Bill Nye’s Undeniable is your new must-read. 

The Keep On Disbelieving Bookshelf

Here we have a few more titles on belief—and lack of belief—in the supernatural. 

The Bookshelf of Heresy Stories

You’re not the first to deconvert and rebuild life post-faith. Gain lifetimes of motivational inspiration from the community of heretics traveling before you. Enjoy! 

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