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Introductions / Humanist Lifestyle / Secularism / Etcetera

So what does it mean to be ‘humanist?’ And what is Secular Humanism in particular? Here are some titles that both introduce you to humanism and help you further explore what it means to live like a humanist. Enjoy!

Being Better People / Giving Back / Altruism Stuff

“The big picture betterment of a thriving humanity.” That is the humanist call. And we provide the Altruism bookshelf to help us give and contribute better, to make us healthier individuals in stronger, more responsible community with others.

Motivational / Career / Financial / Rah-Rah-Rah!

Otherwise known as the Getting Your Shit Together bookshelf, these resources focus on helping you achieve stability. As much as we might wish it other, financial strength is a key gateway to unlocking the bulk of life’s opportunities. Let’s face it, you can’t even take your kid for ice cream without having to dish out some of that green stuff. Our goal in offering each of these titles is not to transform you into a hoarding billionaire kingpin but rather to equip you with greater options for living a generous life.

Some of these titles are geared toward finding employment for someone else, others toward discovering an entrepreneurial track. Some are about handling money wisely while still others simply seek to surround you with the wisdom of the world’s success stories. All of them strive to provide a good motivational kick in the ass. And all of them are 100% woo-hoo-free with our #NoBullshit guarantee. 

Relationships / Partnerships / Parenting

Admit it. Sometimes other people suck. Relationships are fucking terrible. And yet at the same time, they’re amazing and wonderful and the source of all joy. For all their value, relationships sure can be tough to navigate, especially when it comes to the ones we care about most. For this reason, HumanistCoach.com offers a special array of titles on our Relationships bookshelf. 

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