What Others are Saying About Coaching with Drew

"Despite the fact that I am a very conservative person and a tough nut to crack, Drew was able to break through my façade, and he helps me open up about issues I would never share with anyone else. A great listener, very organized, and always prepared, Drew truly is an excellent and inspirational coach."
Lou Alabbassi is a local business owner and coaching client.
Lou Alabbassi
Local Business Owner in Florida
"The coaching sessions are extremely helpful and the exercises Drew suggests from week to week are surprisingly beneficial. The most noticeable effect is how I feel about my work. I approach my career with a different kind of energy and intentionality than I had before, and I now speak with a newfound confidence and sense of pride in my work. Setting aside an hour each week to work with Drew is something I always look forward to. It is immeasurably valuable as Drew provides guide wires when my doubts overtake my enthusiasm, and he creates a supportive and caring environment during our sessions."
Rachel Stutzman is a care manager and coaching client.
Rachel Stutzman
Care Manager in New Jersey
"Drew is incredibly helpful in session! He is clear, organized, insightful, encouraging, and constructive. Drew does a great job of helping me refine and define my goals, and to troubleshoot where things go awry so that I can make effective mid-course corrections. Thanks to Drew, I was able to launch into this new phase of my life with a clear direction and well-defined steps to get there. Drew couples a warm, caring and supportive interpersonal style with clear, concise and constructive goal-setting. He is personable and accessible, humble and resourceful. His sharp insights and creative ideas have transformative power."
Tiffany Craig
Therapist in Washington, DC
"The coaching sessions with Drew are very comfortable. He listens to what you have to say and provides active forward-looking feedback, to help you find actions and strategies you can use to achieve the goals you set. I've gained much insight related to the issues on which we've focused. Drew demonstrates an obvious desire to help people achieve success in their lives, however they might view success."
James Bowman
Program Specialist in Chicago, Illinois

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