It’s. Finally. Here.

And by “it,” I mean THE SALVATION OF THE WORLD!!!

[Okay, we both know that "salvation of the world" bit was a tad overdramatic. Let's walk that back and try again.]
An image of's predecessor, The Drew Bekius Blog.

An old blog learns new tricks. The Drew Bekius Blog just days before its integration into

By “it,” I mean a very practical/helpful/hopeful set of improvements to what has thus far been known as The Drew Bekius Blog.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve remained blown away by how helpful the questioning-and-doubting community has apparently found this blog over the years. The majority might not feel comfortable commenting in public or sharing on Facebook, but I see the private messages you send me. And the daily flow of unsolicited traffic stands testimony to this.

But I’ll be honest, I’ve been wanting to do so much more with and for this community than what I’ve previously been able to. These limitations were partly due to the way my life has been structured. Partly due to the details of my own post-pastoral, post-faith journey.

But this all begins to change now. With the release of an updated that has been seamlessly integrated into a new

And let me tell you, I’m excited.

Well, not merely excited. Ecstatic is a better word.

Please allow me to tell you why.

5 Reasons Why I’m F*cking Ecstatic.

Or should I share 10 reasons? I could probably even do 15. Could I do 15? Should I do 15? Well, let's just stick to 5 for now. I'll make you hang on for the other 5 or 10 or 50 and unveil them with cadence over the weeks ahead. 

Oh the suspense.

1. Support for the Secular Community.

Basically, this site has become a 2-for-1 project in making your world a better place.

In other words, it’s two websites combined. What we’ve done is take the blog you were already following and slipped it into a reinvented

Wait—What’s you may ask.

On the old Drew Bekius Blog, you would have seen a link at the top of the page for another of my websites. It was called—you guessed it—

And the original was great. Lots of great resources. Tons of traffic. Cool things were happening. But at the same time there were a few problems with running it on the Wix platform I had built it on. I don’t want to throw mud at Wix. Their drag and drop software is the best I’ve seen, but it also has some limitations that really held the site back.

And in so doing… it held back the assistance we could provide and the impact we could make.

So I went back to the proverbial drawing board and reinvented even better than we could have ever done it before. Because now it’s on WordPress. WordPress is the world’s number one website management company for a reason. They’re big and robust and have so many options you can do just about anything. And now, voila, is in a much better place.

Which means we can help you get to a better place as well. All of us together.

In case you’d never visited the original and in case you haven’t yet made it over to our current homepage, let me share the vision you’d find there:


Cars speeding at the intersection where the secular community meets the best of today's coaching resources.

At, we play at the intersection where the secular community meets the best of today’s coaching resources. The goal here is simple, to see you equipped and empowered for living and laughing in the real world.


Man riding a BMX bike is feeling equipped and empowered for the humanist lifestyle.

Equipped and Empowered.
Find strength and support for making the most of your potential with our Secular Resource Center, coaching portal, and other powerful growth and development tools.



A group of humanists living life and laughing as they enjoy it!

Living and Laughing.
This is a serious world we find ourselves within, and it takes a lot to make it work to humanity’s advantage. So much so, you’ll go crazy if you’re not careful. Ah, but laughter. Laughter and joy and celebration, these are the healing balms of life that keep us sane. Come find sanity with us.


A group tackles humanity's problems, addressing and strategizing for the real world.

In the Real World.
Coaching resources often focus on supernatural or spiritual preferences, comforts, and hunches rather than on the hard observations of the world around us. Here our goal isn’t to help you feel warm and fuzzy in your belief system but to deal truly and honestly with the world as it actually is.


Man in glasses, smiles as he discovers the Humanist You.

The Humanist You.
The humanist drive centers on the big-picture betterment of a thriving humanity. It’s you making the most of your potential. And it’s you channeling that potential for the good of all humanity and for the forward-thrust of this global community we find ourselves within. All of us together. For the better. And for good. It’s a better you, in greater community.

2. A More Helpful Blog.

You might find yourself wondering aloud how wrapping this blog within something called might change the content of the blog itself.

For the last five years, The Drew Bekius Blog has featured a wide variety of content, serving as an evolving journal of sorts and often reflecting the meandering post-pastoral, post-faith journey that I myself have been on. Along with literally chronicling my own personal evolution, it’s also indulged an intentional hodgepodge of family vignettes, leadership anecdotes, and fun, motivational material to make you (aka. “The Reader”) say random things like Rah-Rah-Rah! in the middle of your afternoon commute. At times I’d thrown in a more serious article about religion or secularism, and I posted a fair amount of stuff concerning The Clergy Project, where I spent a few years serving as Communications Director and then as President.

All of this was great stuff. And since even now people still visit and read those article every single day, I’m keeping them in the archive.

But as my own journey has grown sharpened in focus over the years, so has my desires for this blog. I don’t just want this to be a random collection of articles and vignettes.

I want it to help people.

And powerfully.

And part of powerfully helping people is sharpening its focus. Making it more intentional. Structuring it within a bigger picture. And that Bigger Picture, wouldn’t you know, is what I’d already started with an additional website called

Going forward blog content is going to center on three categories.

You’ve already seen above the vision for And each of these three categories flow directly out of that heartbeat.

EMPOWEREDliving— Features posts focused on simply helping you live your life well. The Airplane Rule tells us we have to be in a healthy and stable place before we can successfully help others find the same. Here we focus on helping you get life on track.

SECULARliving— Features posts focused on living that best life without all the god-stuff. We have a special heartbeat here to for the post-faith journey, and we want to help each other deal with difficult things, such as coming out as a nonbeliever to loved ones or how to best talk with your kids about religion.

HUMANISTliving— Features posts focused on the big-picture betterment of a thriving humanity. Here we’ll continue discussing practical things like ways to truly help one another, how to engage in and create healthier community, and how to get more active for real change. In other words, we’re talking about becoming better humans.

We’re calling it The Life and Laughter Blog.

May it be fun and enjoyable, real and honest, practical and even at least slightly transformative. If you’ve already been a subscriber to the Drew Bekius Blog, your subscription rolls right into this one. If you’ve not yet subscribed, please do so here. I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it.

3. The Secular Resource Center.

One thing I loved doing for at least a couple decades now is surrounding myself with the high-quality resources and perspectives. I don’t just want to stumble my way through life. I don’t want to risk happenstancing my way into more of life’s mud pits and grand canyons of chaotic discomfort than absolutely necessary. So I’m always trying to expose myself to what others have seen and done and to what’s worked for them.

That’s the idea behind’s Secular Resource Center.

The Bookstore features a wide variety of resources for equipping the secular community.

Just a few of the resources available in the Bookstore.

The Resource Center itself has various areas. One of the most exciting areas is the Bookstore, which features over 35 special recommendations on a wide variety of subjects. Click on the selections and you’ll be brought to Amazon for clean, easy, safe purchase.

True to the vision painted above, you’ll find a variety of resources here from a diverse set of journeys. You’ll find some books—and categories of books—that are clearly penned by non-theists and are often written about issues of significance to the secular community.

SMART Goals: Be Intentional: A Free Resource

Other books could be called mainstream in that the lifestance of the author is unstated. And it matters less because the resources themselves are about more general interest concerns like finding a job or getting your finances in order.

For a couple of the authors, they have written other books that are about their supernatural convictions. In such cases, however, we’ve been very selective in which of their books are allowed on this website.

Why include any books from known dispensers of irrational beliefs? Great question. If someone’s at the top of their game in teaching people how to handle their money, and if their book is the best book available about money, and if we also want to help you most effectively learn how to handle said money, then why wouldn’t we share that resource with you??? So as long as there’s no god-talk in that specific book, why not!

Bruce Lee quote, "Knowledge is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do."

Yes, Mister Lee, teach us to apply. We want them skills so bad.

In the Resource Center, you’ll also find exclusive FREE content. Download the PDFs and get right to work on building a better life for yourself and the world around you. And it’s all free. Have at it and spread the love around.

And then there’s all the memes. Seriously, who doesn’t love a good Bruce Lee meme to get you up and out the door in the morning!

4. Personalized Assistance.

We have a couple new ways to help you more. With the new Q&A Portal, you’re now able to ask questions that will be answered in the blog, so that others can benefit from the answers as well. Think of Dear Abby but with a beard and a Bruce Lee backdrop.

And of course we’ve brought over the 1-on-1 Coaching Portal where you can book a Strategy Session for more personalized coaching work.

5. A Thriving Post-Faith Togetherness.

Honestly, this is what excites me more than anything. I just want to see what I’ve always wanted to see. And that’s you and me and all humanity empowered to thrive in all of life. And this happens more fully to the extent that we collaborate and share and build community together. Whether that community is simply with a couple pals over at the microbrewery or an official secular meet-up at the coffeehouse around the corner. Whether its on Facebook or even right here within the comments section of this blog.

I want to see you empowered.
I want to see you thrive.
I want to see you overwhelmed with joy.
And I want to see you helping others to discover the same.

THAT is why I’m here.
And dare I say, that’s why YOU are here as well.

So welcome to the new
Welcome to the reason I’m f*cking ecstatic.

And welcome to our next chapter together. It’s great to have you.
Take a moment to introduce yourself below if you don’t mind, and let’s get this party started.

Cheers, loved ones!