Recapture Your Story with "Your Next Life Now" by Drew Bekius

Think quick—

If you could wake up tomorrow and find yourself living a different life, what would it look like? What one thing—what #NumberOne thing—would you change?

In Your Next Life Now: Trading Sticky Notes for Badass Tattoos as We Conquer Life Together, you are invited on an adventure that moves beyond one-day-wishes and gee-golly-dreams. You are invited on a seven-step journey that is concrete and practical and guaranteed to get you where you’re wanting to go. Fun and playful and kind-of-even-slightly irreverent. It’s a kick-your-ass voyage that you will want to revisit over and over and over again, even as you single-handedly accomplish every one of your most fearful goals step-by-step. 

Confidence and Career Coach Drew Bekius regularly hears from those around the world who find themselves in the midst of daunting life transitions. Drew’s worked with hundreds of associates, clients, and friends to navigate life’s most overwhelming hurdles, and with this seven-step short read he’s here to help you do the same.

If you’ve been dreaming about your next chapter, the time has come. It’s time to finally live Your Next Life Now.

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